Sequential Math is a comic series covering key concepts and theories in advanced, university-level mathematics.  Each self-contained comic delves into a specific topic and presents its core ideas in a rigorous yet easy-to-digest manner. The comics are designed to complement and to supplement more “traditional” learning materials such as textbooks and to keep math fun.

We do not have a fixed update schedule, new comics are created as our free time allows. Follow Sequential Math on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure you don't miss any updates.

  • Giuseppe

    Giuseppe Sellaroli has a PhD in Applied Mathematics, a Master's degree in Physics, and does not let his lack of artistic qualifications stop him from drawing comics. When he is not writing and illustrating Sequential math, he is usually doing something else. His superpower is the ability to swallow pills without water.

  • Amanda

    Amanda Garcia has a Master's degree in Pure Mathematics and a PhD in Engineering. When she isn't writing Sequential math, you can find her finishing all the milk in the fridge. She is the only known human to have purchased insurance for watch batteries, albeit accidentally.