• Cathy

    Cathy likes to spend her days climbing trees and pondering about math. Her recent projects include learning about multi-variable calculus and tipping things off tables and counters. Her favourite mathematician is Alan Turing.

  • Doug

    Doug enjoys food, walks, and math. He loves sandwiches in all their forms and is very intrigued by theorems with "sandwich" in the title. His favourite mathematician is Emmy Noether.

  • Paula

    Paula started studying math after having had a successful career as a journalist. She is the first and only polar bear ever to have reached the South Pole. Her favourite mathematician is Maryam Mirzakhani.

  • Penny and Gwen

    Penny (left) & Gwen (right) love to tackle math problems together. They currently co-star on Two Penguins and A Bear which is filmed in their native Antarctica. Their favourite mathematicians are the siblings Jacob and Johann Bernoulli.

  • Detective

    The detective is a mysterious figure and not much is known about them. As head and sole employee of π Investigations, they solve mathematical mysteries for a reasonable fee. Their favourite mathematician is none of your business.